Thunderbird / Lightning – How To integrate and synchronise Google Calendar

Today it is not unusual that a user has more than one computer. Often beside one or two desktop PCs for at least a smartphone and a laptop or netbook are used. To syncronise with this equipment pool all computers manually is a very costly task and almost impossible and more than just not “up-to-date”. Since I use at least on the laptop and desktop Thunderbird / Lightning, the calendar entries should also directly manageable in my mail program (Thunderbird). I’ve searched a while for a way to synchronize between google calendar and thunderbird / lightning. After I had some time searching for Thunderbird Add-ons I found quite surprising that an integration or a sync between the two programs is possible without Add-Ons just on board equipment in Thunderbird / Lightning. So again:

“In order to synchronize Thunderbird / Lightning with Google Calendar, just the Lightning Add-On 1 is required. You do not need additional add-ons.”

I tested the integration and synchronization with Thunderbird Lightning 5.0 and 1.04b. However, it should be functional also with subsequent and earlier versions without problems. How does it work now?

  1. Open the Lightning calendar into Thunderbird
  2. Choose a right mouse click “New Calendar”
    Neuer Kalender mit rechter Maustaste

    Neuer Kalender mit rechter Maustaste

  3. Choose in the following selection “On the Internet”
  4. If the integration should be directional – both read as well as writing – then CalDAV2 should be selected

    CalDAV wählen und Kalender Adresse einfügen

    CalDAV wählen und Kalender Adresse einfügen

  5. Below as  address must be entered:[ID]/events – The [ID], however, we must first determine the ID yet. How this works, describes the next point.
  6. Open Google Calendar in a browser. Each calendar has an arrow standing next to his name. Click on it and select “Calendar settings”

    Google Calendar - Eisntellungen

    Google Calendar - Eisntellungen

  7. After selecting a more detailed view opens to the calendar. On the left are several categories, such as Calendar name, description, address, etc. Calendar is the point of interest to us. The right are three small pictures, with the XML, iCal, and HTML are labeled. And turn right which is given in parentheses the calendar ID.

    Google Calendar ID

    Google Calendar ID

  8. Put it now in your address in item 6 [ID] to the calendar ID. You must do this including or if your default is used including (stands firmly behind your calendar ID)
  9. In the next dialog you can have a name, color, and may be sent to enter the email address of the memories. These settings apply only for Thunderbird, and is not transferred to the google calendar.
  10. Click “Next” and the calendar in Thunderbird / Lightning will be created. During the first use you will be prompted for authentication. Here you must enter your Gmail address and password (The same way that you’re logging in to open the calendar in the browser to edit).

Done! Now the calendar can be used normally. As soon as you add new entries, they are automatically synchronized with the Google Calendar. Of course, only as soon – when you create a new calendar entry – select the correct calendar.

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