SchemaSpyGUI – New Version 0.99

At least there is a new version of SchemaSpy GUI available.
New features are:

  • A complete redesign of the GUI. Hopefully now a little more tidy and more space saving.
  • Support for new flags (except the -sso and -noads flags now support for all flags)
  • tooltips for every parameter
  • you can save/load your parameter settings (either with a quick load/save mechanism or save/load as much settings as you need)
  • you can start the schema output/HTML file with a single mouse click or let it start automatically after gathering the schema details
  • many other enhancements

Many improvements are from Jose E. Gimenez. Thank you so much!

If you search for someone to blame for the new GUI … i’m responsible for that ;-)

1 comment to SchemaSpyGUI – New Version 0.99

  • C. Turpin

    Very useful. Nice job on the diagramming and layout. I am interested in customizing the view for the data in my project. Please keep me informed on updates.

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